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Gosport Water Front by Malcolm Sowdon DPAGB

Club Competitions

​The club runs 10 internal competitions per year, i.e. 5 for Prints and 5 for PDIs. Results for the competitions can be viewed by clicking on the buttons below. 
Competitions are judged in two separate groups for both Prints and PDIs. Each member is allocated to either the A or B group for the year. 
The Competition Rules can be found in the Club Programme booklet issued at the  beginning of each season to members on payment of their subscriptions.

here to see the current Group tables.

Competition 1

2nd October 2018: Prints - Open
Judged by Paul O'Toole from Worthing C.C.
 Comp 1 Grp A
Comp 1 Grp B

Competition 2

16th October 2018: PDIs - Open 
Judged by Geoffrey Roberts LBIPP LMPA LNPS
Comp 2 Grp A
Comp 2 Grp B

Competition 3

30th October 2018: Prints - Set subjects
Group A: Shapes & Patterns, Group B: Monochrome

Judged by Kevin Sandall from Southampton C.C.
Comp 3 Grp A​​​
Comp 3 Grp B

Competition 4

27th November 2018: PDIs - Open
Judged by Chris Hutchinson from Yately C.C.
Comp 4 Grp A​​​
Comp 4 Grp B

Competition 5

8th January 2019: Prints - Open
Judged by Roger Smith ABIPP
Comp 5 Grp A
Comp 5 Grp B

Competition 6

22nd January 2019: PDIs - Set subjects
Group A: Reflections, Group B: Abandoned 
Judged by Giles Barkley formerly Locksheath & Salisbury
Comp 6 Grp A
Comp 6 Grp B

Competition 7

19th February 2019: Prints - Set subjects
Group A: Monochrome, Group B: Shapes & Patterns  
Judged by Andrew Mills MA (Photo) LRPS LIBPP from Ordnance Survey C.C.
Comp 7 Grp A
Comp 7 Grp B

Competition 8

5th March 2019: PDIs - Set subjects
Group A: Abandoned Group B: Reflections

Judged by Sue Sibley from Southampton C.C.
Comp 8 Grp A
Comp 8 Grp B

Competition 9

2nd April 2019: Prints - Open
Judged by Kevin Sandall
Comp 9 Grp A
Comp 9 Grp B

Competition 10

Comp 10 Grp A
Comp 10 Grp B
30th April 2019, PDIs - Open
Judged by John Randall from Andover Split Image C.C.