Provisional dates for Committee meetings at HEDCA:

Tuesday 29th August 2023 • Tuesday 24th October 2023 • Tuesday 16th January 2024 • Tuesday 26th March 2024 • Tuesday 21st May 2024

All for a 7:30 pm start

The Committee was appointed at the AGM on 6th June 2023

Chairman:  Debbie Bielby  chair@gosportcameraclub

Vice chairman:  Jim Carlin  vc@gosportcameraclub

Secretary:  Chrissie O'Neill  secretary@gosportcameraclub

Treasurer:  Lynne Carter  ​treasurer@gosportcameraclub

SCPF Representative:  Jon Mitchell  scpf.rep@gosportcameraclub

Competition Secretary:  Barry Walters comp.sec@gosportcameraclub

 for PDI competition entriescompetitions@gosportcameraclub

Programme Secretary:  Barbara Holder  programme.sec@gosportcameraclub

Exhibition Secretary:  Mike Barton exhibition.sec@gosportcameraclub

​Members' Representative:  Sandra Newman members.rep@gosportcameraclub

Web Master:  Linda Hall webmaster@gosportcameraclub