6th September: Presentation evening, with awards presented by Hon. Freeman of Gosport Geoff O'Neill


20th September Presentation evening

"The Water's Edge" by Tony Worobiec 

27th September Zoom tutorial by Graham Whistler, covering some tips on shooting to avoid postproduction problems. In Photoshop - how to import RAW file process to correct faults and noise; import onto Photoshop for final corrections and creative work; importance of correct use of unsharp mask to avoid white lines round dark objects etc.; saving corrected RAW files and edited Tiff; how to resize image for club use including get image perfect for club projector and key line and save as JPG. Graham will also cover tips on seeing your image with correct exposure on computer.  There will be time at end of the demo to cover other Photoshop matters.


4th October Competition No. 1 PRINTS “Open”

Judged by Paul de Sylva APAGB 


18th October Competition No. 2 PDIs "Open"

Judged by Maria Leekblade LRPS AFIAP DPAGB


1st November Presentation evening

"Keep Sharp and Exposure" by Roger Crocombe ARPS


15th November Competition No. 3 PRINTS

Group A "Mono"  Group B "Portraits"

Judged by Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV


22nd November SCPF Print League

Judged by Sue Sibley ARPS EFIAP/b


29th November Competition No. 4 PDIs "Open"

Judged by Amanda Miller LRPS CPAGB



Happy Christmas & New Year to all club members and their families


10th January  Presentations by Graham Dubber and club members


24th January Competition No. 5 PRINTS “Open”

Judged by Peter Woodhouse


7th February Competition No. 6 PDIs

Group A "Table Top"  Group B "Scapes"

Judged by Carl Reeve LMPA


21st February Competition No. 7 PRINTS

Group A "Portrait"  Group B "Mono"

Judged by Mark Lanigan LRPS


28th February SCPF PDI League Competition

Judged by Paul Bradley


7th March Competition No. 8 PDIs

Group A "Scapes"  Group B "Table Top"

Judged by Roger Smith ABIPP


21st March Presentation evening

"Picture in the Paper" by Steve Kirby CPAGB/AV


4th April Competition No. 9 PRINTS “Open” 

Judged by Chris Dixon ARPS


25th April  Competition No. 10 PDIs “Open”

Judged by Zaid Meherali


9th May Print and PDI of the Year

Judged by Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB


16th May Gosport Camera Club Social Night

23rd May Exhibition Judge tba


6th June Annual General Meeting






All dates are Tuesdays at 7.15pm for a 7.30 start at HEDCA